T'yanna Wallace Claims She Wants To Be Remembered For More Than Being Notorious BIG's Daughter

T'yanna Wallace Claims She Wants To Be Remembered For More Than Being Notorious BIG's Daughter
Credit: Source: TheBoomBox.com

T'yanna Wallace, the daughter of the late rap legend, The Notorious BIG, née Christopher Wallace, said to Page Six during the launch of her new clothing line, Notoriouss, that she's sick of being known only as the daughter of the Ready To Die artist.

While at her first runway show, the artist said that she doesn't like it at all when people say, "that's Biggie's daughter," because it's not her name. T'yanna added that one of the great things she has done lately is managing to foster a name for herself through Notoriouss clothing.

The fashion designer explained, "I barely hear 'Biggie's daughter,'" in relation to her clothing line. She claimed she loves hearing her name mentioned independently of her father.

Wallace went on to say that she wanted to make her own money and make her own way in the world, adding that she actually worked in the cafeteria while she went to Pennsylvania State. T'yanna's brother, CJ Wallace, was also at the event where the rapper Casanova performed.

Coincidentally, the show was on the 23rd anniversary of the late rapper's death. Fans of the late rapper and hip-hop enthusiasts know that Christopher Wallace was shot and killed on the 9th of March, 1997. Today is just two days after his anniversary, and P. Diddy, who had a close relationship with the rapper, commemorated the late artist.

On his Instagram account, P. Diddy told a story of the time when Biggie had a moment of writer's block, which almost never happened to him. The rapper talked about retiring, and Diddy told him it was crazy to give up at that stage in his career.

Diddy went on to describe Notorious as a "dope person," adding that they had a "wonderful time" when they came up in the scene together in the early 1990s.

The Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur were famously involved in bad blood around the time of his death. Since then, conspiracy theories have persisted regarding the rapper's death, with some arguing that it was actually Diddy who had Tupac killed.


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