Twitter Thrashes Torrei Hart For Posting A Photo Of Eniko Parrish And Kevin Hart

Twitter Thrashes Torrei Hart For Posting A Photo Of Eniko Parrish And Kevin Hart
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Torrei Hart was with Kevin Hart from the beginning until the end. Torrei stood and watched as Kevin's career exploded, going from just a regular comedian/actor to a worldwide sensation.

In the past, Torrei has spoken candidly about the difficulties of his career's ascension, including the way in which it affected her. In recent months, however, Torrei has explained that she, Kevin, and Eniko are managing to get along just fine.

What's bizarre about the whole thing, is that many people online are critical for the way in which she has coped with Kevin and Eniko's continuing romance.

This past weekend, Torrei shared a photograph on her Instagram including Kevin, their two kids, and his wife, Eniko. The family was together as a unit to celebrate her and Kevin's son's birthday, Hendrix.

The commenter asked her why she would bother putting up pictures of Eniko when she has never done the same. Torrei said in response, "If Kevin jumps off a bridge, should I do it too? I'm a leader sweetheart, I make my own rules."

Another person criticized Torrei, suggesting that it's never a good idea to take pictures along with the woman who took her man. However, for Torrei, and Kevin as well, it's all about the kids and making it work.

Torrei went on to say that it's all about children, and nobody wins -  especially the kids - when the family isn't getting along. As it was previously reported, ever since Torrei and Kevin split up and Eniko started dating Kevin, she has been managing her relationship with both her ex-husband and his new wife.

Previously, Torrei may have gotten a little schadenfreude when Kevin was busted hanging out with strippers in Las Vegas one weekend, and Eniko got wind of it through tabloid reports. It turns out that a friend of Kevin recorded the video and tried to shop it around.

Later on, as a way of managing the mess, Kevin just came right out and admitted to his wrong-doing. It was a lot better than trying to keep the man quiet through hush-money. Regardless, fans of Torrei need to let her get on with her life, whether she was wronged in the past or not.


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