Twitter Thinks Yet Another Black Actress Was Snubbed At The Oscars

Twitter Thinks Yet Another Black Actress Was Snubbed At The Oscars
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And just a few hours ago, the Academy announced the 2019 Academy Awards' nominees list, with Mahershala Ali and Regina King receiving acknowledgments for their recent performances.

Despite the organization doing the best they can to appease the perpetually-offended masses, there are still people online, especially on Twitter, who aren't happy at all with the nominees' list.

In fact, they think that racist motivations are again, behind the lack of inclusion of one actress. The actress Twitter users are so upset over is Viola Davis, the star of Widows . Previously, she won the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in 2017, Fences.

We're now just a week away from the end of January, so Oscar season is on its way. In other words, there will be lots of complaining in the next month as people don't get to see their favorite actress or actor receive the acknowledgment they deserve.

Putting aside the masses' disapproval with the nominees' list, it's great to see Regina King get acknowledgment for her new movie, If Beale Street Could Walk. Thus far, the movie has opened to rave critical reviews, and Regina secured the nomination for Best Supporting Actress according to the Huffington Post.

Previously, Regina King earned a Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress. Before then, King has rarely earned accolades, but her history in films goes way back, including in the cult classic, Boyz n The Hood.

She also had a supporting role in the Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire, as well as the Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler collaboration, Law Abiding Citizen , in which she portrayed the wife of Foxx's character. Regina also worked alongside Foxx again in the classic biopic which earned Jamie praise, Ray,  regarding the trials and tribulations of the legendary piano player, Ray Charles.

The Oscars has clearly been trying to be more diverse and inclusive, as they even included Black Panther for Best Picture this year, alongside BlacKkKlansman , Bohemian Rhapsody, Roma, A Star Is Born, Vice, Green Book and The Favorite.

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