Twitter Mourns Marilyn Manson Who Is Still Alive Rather Than Recently Deceased Charles Manson

Twitter Mourns Marilyn Manson Who Is Still Alive Rather Than Recently Deceased Charles Manson
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Twitter users this morning accidentally mourned the passing of shock rocker, Marilyn Manson, instead of the cult leader and serial killer, Charles Manson. Charles died at the age of 83 on Sunday, November 19th, while he served his time in jail and many confused him for the "Beautiful People" singer.

And while Marilyn Manson did take the last part of his moniker from the serial killer, and the first part from a legendary actress, Marilyn Monroe, the singer created music from the 1990's until today.

One person wrote, "Charles Manson is dead, but his music will live on." The Twitter user captioned a photo of Marilyn Manson instead of Charles Manson.

Another individual paid tribute to other musicians who died this past year including people like Malcolm Young and Chester Bennington. However, their identities weren't mistaken.

Manson did not address the confusion, but he did post a video of himself doing a cover of Manson's track, "Sick City." Additionally, Brian Warner - Marilyn Manson - posted a picture of himself alongside Charles Manson with the word "Lie," written in red and white letters near his forehead.

Celebrity Insider reported earlier that the mass murderer died of natural causes in a hospital in Kern County, California.

Manson was responsible for the murders of Sharon Tate, who was an actress at the time, as well as several other people. At the end of his life, he suffered due to gastrointestinal issues.

During his period in prison, his parole was denied by the courts twelve times, and he racked up more than 100 disciplinary violations including threats toward police officers and the possession of weapons. Manson became a cultural icon for evil in American history due to his actions, for which he served a prison sentence for his entire life.

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