TV Producer Reveals More Of Ellen DeGeneres' 'Bizarre' Requests

TV Producer Reveals More Of Ellen DeGeneres' 'Bizarre' Requests
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Page Six learned today that Ellen DeGeneres had a weird request for a TV producer during her visit at the Today show in Australia. Reportedly, the television show's staff had to meet a number of bizarre demands at the behest of Ellen DeGeneres back in 2013.

A former producer on Australia's Today explained how her producers called them and said no one was allowed to talk to Ellen. Reportedly, they were told not to speak with Ellen, approach her, or even look at her.

Neel Breen made his claims while on the radio station, 4BC, where he's now a host. Neel says it came after Ellen had already "watered down" her time on Today by moving her position as the co-host to a sit-down interview in Melbourne instead.

Ellen was supposed to co-host the program while in Sydney, however, they then moved it to Melbourne, which is 443 miles away. According to Breen, the rule was that Ellen would come in, do an interview with Richard, and then leave right after.

When told to meet the series of demands, Breen claims he said, "I can't look at her?" He went on to describe the entire interaction as "bizarre." Moreover, Ellen and her team demanded to control every part of the interaction , including the lighting and the seating.

Breen says he never learned what type of person Ellen was because he never got the chance to speak to her, or even look at her for that matter. According to Breen, one thing he can say for sure is that the people who were working for her "walked on eggshells the whole time."

Breen joked about the meeting. He says it was ironic because they were helping her promote something she was working on, but yet she didn't even want people to look at her. When asked for comment, a spokesperson for Ellen didn't have anything to say.


As it was previously reported, WarnerMedia recently revealed they had begun an investigation into The Ellen DeGeneres Show due to a series of allegations, including the claim that Ellen had created a toxic working environment.

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