Turns Out That T.I. Was Acting On Nipsey Hussle's Behalf At Capitol Hill Meeting

Turns Out That T.I. Was Acting On Nipsey Hussle's Behalf At Capitol Hill Meeting
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According to a report from Vibe.com, T.I. went to Capitol Hill on the 27th of May to carry out duties on the behalf of Nipsey Hussle, the rapper who was shot and killed on the 31st of March this year. Nipsey was in the middle of working on uplifting low-income communities.

According to TMZ, the rapper was at a meeting among Congressional Black Caucus members to talk about an incentive for investment in low-income areas. It was the meeting that the Victory Lap rapper was slated to attend until his fatal shooting.

While leaving the event, Mr. T.I, said to reporters, "Nipsey and his partner, David Brooks, invited me here;" they're discussing ways in which low-income areas can benefit from new legislation. In recent news, T.I. said that the hip-hop and black community losing Hussle was kind of like the Avengers losing Ironman.

T.I. said before the organization's camera-man that he was more than willing to work with people for the benefit of the black community. Ironically, T.I. has spoken badly about Trump many times in the past, because he believes the president has some kind of racial prejudice against black-Americans.

Regardless, hypothetically speaking, if T.I. were to collaborate with legislators, and for it to go all the way up to the Oval Office, it wouldn't be the first time a celebrity has worked with the controversial politician.

Perhaps most famous, was the work done by Kim Kardashian and Brittany K. Barnett with the president to release convicted non-violent offenders who were serving lifetime prison sentences. Since Kim Kardashian started her work in activism, there have been a reported seventeen people released from prison.

Regarding Nipsey Hussle's contributions to the black community and the hip-hop community, Jay-Z once said that Nipsey was the new generation of black men. Jay insinuated that American black men are more interested in helping out their communities than ever before.

Since Hussle died, there has been non-stop social media posting in commemoration of the rapper's legacy. Interestingly, however, is the fact his name was hardly ever spoken until his death. Some on social media have pointed to the song from The Notorious BIG - who was also shot and killed - "You're Nobody til Someone Kills You)," as being relevant to Nipsey's death and sudden infamy.

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