Tupac's Bling And Handwritten Notes Are Donated To Temple University

Tupac's Bling And Handwritten Notes Are Donated To Temple University
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The Shade Room reports news regarding Tupac's memorabilia being auctioned off. Here are the latest details.

TSR posted that Tupac's latest belongings are heading to Temple University as a donation to the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection which outlines 'the global black experience.'

'The university offers a Shakur-focused course taught by Aaron Smith, a professor of Africology and African American Studies. Come through professor! Some of the donated items include handwritten lyrics from some of Pac's biggest hits like “It Ain’t Easy” and “I Ain’t Mad At Cha,” handwritten track listings from his unreleased albums including #NuthinGold, #StreetFame, and #Troublesome as well as the diamond earrings and the bullet-dented gold medallion he wore the night he was shot in New York City in 1994,' wrote TSR.

'There is a lot of mystery around Tupac and his jewelry,' Aaron said. 'To have some of [it] here means a lot.'

One of TSR's followers posted 'Tupac said he might not change the world but bet he sparks the mind that does. ❤️❤️'

Another commenter said 'Beautiful soul, so beautiful the world didn’t understand him and decided to take him away from us!'

Someone wrote in the comment section that 'he said he wants to do something to impact the world so people can talk about for forever after he's long gone and that's exactly what's gone happen.'

One other fan posted that Tupac 'Will be forever studied and remembered as not just a rapper but a poet, black activists, philosopher, and the list goes on ?'

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