Tucker Carlson Praises Kanye West As A 'Core Conservative'

Tucker Carlson Praises Kanye West As A 'Core Conservative'
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Tucker Carlson is just one among many who thinks that Kanye West is a great conservative ally. This Friday, on Fox News, Tucker praised Kanye for his "core conservative" values, The Wrap claimed earlier today.

Tucker, during his popular talk show, explained how he was surprised that no other Republicans shouted out to Kanye West for calling attention to some of the more important questions of life, including children and what happens when a person dies.

Carlson kicked off his show by claiming one of the most devout voices against Planned Parenthood and abortion wasn't a Republican, but instead, a rapper who's married to a Kardashian, whom he says everyone believes is "crazy."

Carlson noted Kanye's presidential run this year and explained how Kanye's commitment to conservative values is more newsworthy than his actual campaign. West went on to say there hasn't been a single person who has been more honest about abortion "maybe in generations."

Carlson is clearly impressed with Kanye's communication style. The television show commentator pointed out the way in which Kanye is so passionate and honest about the topics he believes in , rather than other Republicans and politicians who frequently skirt around the issue.

Carlson said it was impossible to cancel someone like Kanye, considering his massive fortune and success across multiple industries. In modern culture, cancel culture has been a point of contention for many people.

Carlson touched on the way in which media figures and entertainment industry elites have supposedly chosen to attack the rapper personally rather than challenge his ideas. He said the idea behind such a tactic was to avoid engaging in an argument his opponents know they would lose.

Furthermore, Carlson spoke about the controversy surrounding the rapper's mental health. He claimed anyone who thinks the rapper is merely "crazy" is just trying to silence his ideas, and more importantly, avoid engaging with them on any level.

Of course, Carlson is referring to the media reports since the 4th of July when the rapper first announced he was running. Even his wife, Kim Kardashian, said the performing artist had "bipolar disorder," insinuating he was currently going through an episode.

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