Trump Supposedly Called Trump Tower Fire Victim Todd Brassner A "Crazy Jew"

Trump Supposedly Called Trump Tower Fire Victim Todd Brassner A "Crazy Jew"
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Following the death of Trump Tower resident, Todd Brassner, 65, reports surfaced that the president of the United States hasn't always spoken positively of the man. As you may know, a fire broke out in the iconic building which left one man dead and two firefighters injured.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Patrick Goldsmith, a man close to Todd, said the president once called Brassner a "crazy jew" after he started living in the building.

Goldsmith explained in the interview that Trump commented to the doorman after Donald saw him in the hallway. Supposedly, Goldsmith noted Trump "wasn't happy" about their meeting and - upon Goldsmith telling him that he was going up to visit Todd - the president said, "oh, that crazy jew?"

Todd apparently had an overflowing sink in his apartment, which led to some kind of rift between himself and the Trump Tower owner.

As it was previously reported, a fire broke out in the tower on Saturday, which had the entire 50th floor engulfed in flames.

Another man close to Todd, Stephen Dwire, said Brassner had a hard time selling his apartment following Trump's campaign for the presidency. Dwire explained to the publication that the building was like living in an "armed camp," because of all of the security.

One of the reasons for the devastating fire supposedly is the lack of sprinklers, which weren't required by law when the tower was constructed back in 1983.

Nevertheless, Trump and his team didn't mention the man after the news of his death. Trump merely thanked the firefighters and relevant officials. Subsequently, the president came under fire for praising the quality of the building's construction, despite the death of Brassner.

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