Trump Calls April Ryan A "Loser" And Slams Abby Phillip

Trump Calls April Ryan A "Loser" And Slams Abby Phillip
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Today, Donald Trump called White House correspondent, April Ryan, a "loser" and also insulted CNN's, Abby Phillip. When outside the infamous presidential building, Trump stopped to take reporters' questions about the removal of Jeff Sessions and the appointment of Matthew Whitaker to the position of attorney general.

According to, Whitaker has a long history of confrontational remarks toward Robert Mueller and his investigation into the supposed Russia collusion scandal.

A few reporters probed Trump about the situation, with Phillip, in particular, asking if the president wanted Whitaker to "rein in Robert Mueller." Trump said in response that it was a "stupid question," and added that he "watches" her a lot, and knows she has made a habit of asking stupid questions.

Earlier in the week, Trump asked CNN contributor April Ryan to "sit down" when she was at the briefing. Trump said Ryan was "nasty" as well as a "loser" that "doesn't know what she's doing."

This all comes after the suspension of Jim Acosta from his reporting duties at the White House. Jim had his White House press credentials removed due to a fight over the microphone while at the same press conference.

In a video which you can see below, Jim stands before Trump and refuses to give up the microphone while the next reporter in line tries to grab it.

Other critics have suggested that she was, in fact, the aggressor in the situation, and perhaps she should've waited for him to stop speaking.

Nevertheless, as a result of his actions, Jim's credentials and permission to attend White House conferences has officially been revoked - for now.  As for what the president had to say about Mr. Acosta, Trump said he believes Acosta "is a very unprofessional man."

Many other political pundits have accused Acosta of the same thing, adding that he clearly had an exaggerated sense of self-importance, enough to believe that he was entitled to act in such a way in comparison to everyone else. Some have suggested this behavior is symptomatic of the way in which Trump has "vulgarized" the presidency and the administration.

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