True Thompson Takes Her First Steps As Fans Send Encouraging Words To Khloe Kardashian

True Thompson Takes Her First Steps As Fans Send Encouraging Words To Khloe Kardashian
Credit: Source: E!

When all is said and done, Khloe Kardashian's relationship with Tristan Thompson was not a complete failure because without him she wouldn't have her pride and joy -- True Thompson. The one-year-old is now mobile!

The 'KUWK' star uploaded a video of her darling True walking while being cheered on. The sweet baby girl is dawning a bright smile while she puts one foot in front of the other.

After fan accounts reposted the adorable clip, Khloe's fans offered their encouraging words for the heartbroken mom.

"Khloe you don't even need Tristan. You are a great mom all by yourself. When the time is right you will find your prince charming," one follower wrote.

Another chimed in with: "Look at baby true so sweet. she is smiling and walking to her mommy. Without you none of this would be possible please stay strong for true."

A hopeful fan is actually rooting for Tristan and the 34-year-old to reunite.


"Tristan will be back. He is young and has a lot of money so he is caught up in the fast life but when it all boils down he will see that family is the only thing that matters. Find forgiveness in your heart and raise those babies together."

This comes after the couple split due to a bombshell revelation that family friend Jordyn Woods and the NBA baller were seen canoodling at a party.

Since then, Jordyn has been making a name of herself without the Karjenner association.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian has been posting not-so-cryptic messages of what she wants to get across to Thompson -- who is busy falling back into his playboy ways.

Khloe recently shared the 'saddest thing' about their relationship.

"The saddest thing about our story is that we could have made it work. If you cared about me as I cared about you, you would’ve fought for me. But you did not. So it is clear, I was right every time I told you I loved you more. You always just denied it and said that you loved me more, but I guess now we know."

Tristan was recently spotted spending time with his firstborn from a previous relationship.


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