Troubled Heather Locklear Beat Up Her Boyfriend Before Crashing Her Car!

Troubled Heather Locklear Beat Up Her Boyfriend Before Crashing Her Car!

We have learned that before driving her car into a ditch, the troubled Heather Locklear got into a huge fight with her jailbird significant other. The Dynasty star ended up hurting her collarbone in the crash, and apparently, she physically abused her boyfriend in an uncontrollable outburst just a few weeks earlier.

These days, those close to the fading 80s celeb are begging her to split with Chris Heisser before it’s too late and her life spirals even more out of control.

‘This guy is not good for Heather’s sobriety,’ an insider stated, adding that before the crash that the actress was involved in on September 14, they got into a huge brawl.

‘Heather went completely psycho and threw things at Chris! She was in a rage, violent and inconsolable. It was a mess!’

While throwing things at her boyfriend, the 55-year-old beauty hurt her arm and refused to go to the hospital before the next day.

But when Locklear finally agreed to seek medical help, she ended up assaulting a nurse who was just trying to do her job and treat the star.

One eyewitness revealed that Locklear was completely out of control.

The day she wrecked her Porche, she stopped by Chris’ home and they got into yet another argument.

The source thinks it was their fight that caused her to lose control of the car.

Friends are really worried about her as Locklear allegedly locked herself in her home ever since the accident and refuses to talk to people.

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