Trouble In Paradise? Toni Braxton Reveals What's Messing Up Her Relationship With Birdman!

Trouble In Paradise? Toni Braxton Reveals What's Messing Up Her Relationship With Birdman!
Source: BET

Toni Braxton seemed to be head over heels in love with her rapper beau in the latest season of "Braxton Family Values." During her visit to "The Wendy Williams" show, she revealed that there may be some trouble in paradise.

As you probably already know, Birdman proposed to his lady love in September of last year. The living legend admitted that she has yet to choose a wedding date during an episode of "BFV" earlier this year.

Apparently, Toni's indecisiveness is causing a rift in their romance because she still has yet to set a date. It seems like the Cash Money founder is finally putting his foot down because he gave his fiance an ultimatum: She has to choose by the end of this year.

She told Wendy Williams: "It's messing up our relationship."

The reason Braxton has yet to pick a day to tie the knot is because of her busy schedule.

Toni filmed for her roles in multiple movies including an upcoming Christmas picture that will premiere on Lifetime. Additionally, the 51-year-old is preparing for another tour to promote her latest album where she'll be joined by girl group SWV.

She explained on the show: "B and I got engaged seven months ago, but we haven’t set a date because of my schedule. I hate that. You’re supposed to set a date and stick to it. But unfortunately, in our business, it can be challenging sometimes."

Meanwhile, Birdman is facing some pretty serious claims. He and his protege, Young Thug, are being accused of putting a hit out on his frenemy Lil Wayne.

In a report published by Complex, it claims: "Prosecutors pointed out that five days before the shooting, Thug posted an Instagram video that seemingly threatened Wayne. They also noted that shortly after Roscoe opened fire, he placed a call to Birdman's cellphone."

Do you think Birdman's ultimatum is fair? Is Toni going to give in?

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