Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Lands In Trouble For Urging Ladies To Be Classy While Doing This On The Low

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Lands In Trouble For Urging Ladies To Be Classy While Doing This On The Low
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Miss Jordan Craig is doing her best to stay out of trouble despite the fact that her name is constantly being thrown in the drama involving her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, and his ex, Khloe Kardashian.

This week, the petite model traveled to Paris, France for a stunning photo shoot while visiting the beautiful Palace of Versailles.

The mother of one tried to put her best assets forward in the pictures, but one her captures caught a few of her critics off guard and they went after her.

Jordan revealed that she is classy, and a few people called her on for destroying Tristan and Khloe in court documents because $40,000 is not enough for what she described as her extravagant lifestyle.

Jordan stated: "There’s more to “class” than what meets the eye. To be classy is not simply about being stylish & confident...Being Classy means always being Kind, Respectful & Polite, even to those who are unkind to 𝒴𝑜𝓊. 💫"

A naysayer shared: "You weren’t so classy in those court documents 😂 , but you are gorgeous, and it seems like you don’t deal with drama."

This fan defended Jordan: "Stop blaming the woman! Love move on, already. You can blame another woman for a man/you’re a man’s actions. However, he is the one that orchestrated and allowed these things to happen. He was a willing participant! Girl!! I want to be like you when I grow up! Wise words!! We need more people in this world like you! ❤️🙌"

A source close to Prince's mother spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed the following about the situation:
“Khloe urged Tristan to be more involved in his son Prince’s life when they were together. She was always curious as to why he didn’t see Prince that much, and she constantly asked questions. That was very important to her. She always questioned what was going on with Jordan, but she never thought Tristan cheated on Jordan with her.”

The family friend added: “Jordan has felt for a long time now that she is raising Prince alone. Tristan barely sees his son. Jordan gets very frustrated when on social media, Tristan tries to look so involved when he’s not. It’s unfortunate, so she isn’t at all surprised to see Khloe struggle with Tristan’s involvement with True. Jordan has no ill will or feelings for Khloe whatsoever. She loves her son so much and essentially raises him alone.”

Jordan is a contradiction to some.

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