Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Is Getting Praised After Khloe Kardashian's Ex Shared This Beautiful Picture

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Is Getting Praised After Khloe Kardashian's Ex Shared This Beautiful Picture
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Tristan Thompson decided to share a few sweet pictures of his 2-year-old son, Prince, but his baby mama, Jordan Craig, is the one getting all the praise for her constant drama-free status.

Over the weekend, Khloe Kardashian's ex-boyfriend took to Instagram where he unveiled a few photos that were taken during an outdoor celebration of a birthday for a friend.

The basketball star smiled as he posed with Prince who was having fun horseback riding.

Tristan captioned the photos: “We had the best time at Cali’s Birthday party!!”

A source recently revealed that Jordan is very supportive of Tristan who was caught cheating with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, and added to Us Weekly : “It’s not romantic, but Jordan has always been extremely supportive of Tristan. Tristan is a very involved father in Prince’s life, but during the basketball season, it’s challenging.”

One person praised Jordan by saying: "He is his daddy twinning for real! That's Prince Charming Tristan Thompson adorable son, Jordy you're a beautiful stunning sexy swagger young lady. You doing a great job! Keep it up God Almighty will guide and your more blessings upon you. I'm one of your big fan. I love you so natural beauty!"

Another commenter stated: "To all the Kardashian's fan get you'll ashian ash off her page. And take you guys loyalty & opinions on their page. Stay off her page with the assumptions & rumors & accept that FACT that KARMA is real. She has done nothing but moved on gracefully & maturely. Take notes; no one had to tell her to #FreeTristan she left him. She didn't bash him or Khloe before or after so why are Khloe fans on here bashing her? 🤔"

This supporter claimed: "Prince has big beautiful eyes. Do you take prince or does Khole bring True to you and prince, so they get to grow up as sister and brother as its important to put the anger and hurt away and think of the kids first. I can see you doing this fine as you have so much more class than Khole as she thinks she’s better than anyone in the world. Which she’s not the queen that her fans call her. She thinks she’s the only person who had there baby daddy leave. They weren’t even committed so she needs to grow up she wanted a baby and I feel she trapped Tristian and it’s sad the way she took Tristian while you were almost delivering prince. You didn’t cry like a big baby like Khole you do have a strong, loving heart."

Tristan is doing his best to clean up his image.

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