Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Jordan Craig Gives Kylie Jenner A Run For Her Money In Daring White Dress

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Jordan Craig Gives Kylie Jenner A Run For Her Money In Daring White Dress
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It is a real fashion face-off between Kylie Jenner and petite model Jordan Craig. For those not aware of it, the stunning lifestyle blogger is Tristan Thompson's baby mama.

Jordan was nine months pregnant with her son, Prince Oliver when the cheating scandal with Khloé Kardashian erupted.

Oddly enough, Khloé found herself in the same situation days before giving birth to baby True.

The mother of Prince Oliver took to social media where she posted a picture in a daring white dress that would pass for a sexy bridal creation.

Kylie also wore a similar wedding-like dress this week that led to rumors that the wedding with Travis Scott will soon take place.

One fan told Jordan: "Yes it’s basically all stretch..the tie in the front helps to shape too ♥️You look so gorgeous, keep shining, May God bless you and your family."

Another commenter wrote: "You nailed it. Beautiful Black Women Doing Her Thang. Now you constantly convincing me ???? that they are becoming a real mood now. Guess I’ll try them out. Thanks ?Have a wonderful Christmas with Prince."

This supporter claimed: "Man the most baddest & classiest to ever do it. You look so beautiful and classy that dress fits you to the tea you are a beautiful gorgeous lady I???♥️"

In a recent post, Tristan's ex confessed that she used to feel insecure about being called an Instagram Model and she had to learn to stop comparing herself to everyone else.

The mom of one shared: "I, personally would look at my friends and even family…wishing I had their level of education (Masters & Ph’Ds) and their professional careers. It’s not that I would be envious of them…I simply wished I would’ve done what they did…further my education or enter Corporate America. It literally used to upset me that people would refer to me as 'just an Instagram model' when I’ve never wanted or claimed to be that…and although I’ve made what some would consider 'a lot of money'..(even more money than those who I admire) owning businesses/marketing/working for myself through social media. I felt I never received the same respect as they do simply because I didn’t have a professional title in front my name."

Jordan is a woman with many layers.

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