Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Jordan Craig Channels Lil Kim In New Photos -- Is She Giving A Run For Her Money To A Certain 'KUWTK' Star?

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Jordan Craig Channels Lil Kim In New Photos -- Is She Giving A Run For Her Money To A Certain 'KUWTK' Star?
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Miss Jordan Craig sure knows how to captivate her millions of followers and give Khloe Kardashian a run for her money.

Tristan Thompson's ex-girlfriend and baby mama decided that 2019 would be a year where she tries new hairstyles and thus fan she is killing each and every new look.

Jordan debuted a stunning hairdo where she emulates Lil Kim and fans are saying she has raised the "bar with black beauty."

Supporters are thrilled to compliment the classy fashion model and mom of Prince Oliver.

One follower replied: "Lil Kim back in the day. Stop all these Tristan leaving her. That is not true. Tristan was flirting around while she was pregnant of their child, so she had to make the wise decision and left before it went public, unlike Khloe the doormat who is so dumb and uneducated to move in spite of the numerous public humiliations. I love how you dress very vintage style and classic looks. I wish ppl would just compliment her an stop talking about the other woman she is over that man."

Another commenter stated: "So classic never half dressed to show all the plastic work done. Tristan lost. This outfit screams clueless the movie! Please tell me you’ve seen clueless? She’s so damn dope! You are always so classy. Your posts r never raunchy like these hood rats. Stay beautiful sweetie. Can all of you stop mentioning them on HER page? Damn. Can she live without a constant reminder of them? All of you so damn tacky."

This person shared the following kind note: "Your beauty has raised my bar with black beauty. Thank you so much for sharing πŸ”₯πŸ’˜πŸ’°You know what Alley, your better off without your ex. I love everything about this picture! 🀩 The bag, the fur coat, the hair, your makeup! You look beautiful! 🀩🌹Soo crazy you pressed, and their issues have nothing to do with you. If you like Jordyn quit coming to her page and talking about people, she probably doesn't want to hear about."

Recently, Khloe decided to address Tristan's relationship with his ex, Jordan, by saying she was not the one who caused their split.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star said: β€œPS he never left ANYONE for me. I have said this before but as I have learned the truth isn’t as exciting as a lie. So the lie is what gets traction. The truth seems to get buried and ignored. Either way, it’s all love and peace over here.”

Jordan is really well now.

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  • Sivee
    Sivee Feb 14, 2020 5:00 PM PST


  • Equinox2009
    Equinox2009 Jan 16, 2020 11:54 AM PST

    Now this is one classy woman! She is so better off Tristan moved on to Khloe Plastic Kartrashian. And he will move on from that plastic cartoon soon.

  • GWENDOLYN Coleman
    GWENDOLYN Coleman Jan 18, 2019 11:09 AM PST

    This breaks my heart πŸ’” for kok she deserves better , but in the name of having a father for True she's paying , the amount is her soul , I been around men like that my whole life , change will never happen , eyes always wondering , he's will be ready to commit for a long time too much a** out there for him , but it's her call can you take it ? Or is it worth it ?

  • Angie
    Angie Jan 17, 2019 7:29 PM PST

    Tristan clearly likes the attention he gets with being with the khloe -Jordyn is so better off without him - I can only hope he is a responsible father to his son. Khloe like the rest of the girls in that family are insecure - narcissist, (the plastic surgeries are proof of that- they live in their own private hell) Remember we see their constant photos of thrmselves- but they have to live and suffer within their own minds Jordyn stay the beautiful- no plastic please

  • Sabrina jones
    Sabrina jones Jan 17, 2019 4:21 PM PST

    That baby is tristian twin!!

  • Marion Larrick
    Marion Larrick Jan 17, 2019 3:30 PM PST

    Yes Jordan has a lot of class and she's not out there showing her body she doesn't have to she's pretty just the way she is

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Jan 17, 2019 1:13 PM PST

    She's a beautiful young woman, very classy. So much better off without him. Once a cheater, always a cheater !

  • Sarah
    Sarah Jan 17, 2019 12:18 PM PST

    This girl is much prettier than Khloe and appears to have a lot of class. Was Tristan just looking for the Kardashian publicity and fame. Men are so predictable & usually go for the Most Attractive. That is clearly Jordan.....Not even close.

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