Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Answers Fan Who Asked About Her Big Feet In Steamy Vacation Picture

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Answers Fan Who Asked  About Her Big Feet In Steamy Vacation Picture
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Jordan Craig, also knows as the mother of Tristan Thompson's first child, Prince Oliver, is out there living her best life and looking great, but fans have other questions for the petite model like, why are her feet so big?

This weekend, Jordan took to social media where she shared a few stunning pictures taken during her lavish vacation in a gorgeous Asian country.

Jordan posted a lovely picture where she is showing off her stunning curves in Pocahontas-inspired dress while relaxing near the ocean.

One fan said they were surprised by the size of Jordan's feet: "Wow. I expected you to have a super tiny foot! Gorgeous nonetheless. 😍😍"

Jordan had this answer: "I’m a 37.5, but the angle of the photo definitely makes it look large.🤣"

Another supporter told the model: "And he cheated on This beautiful Queen! 👸🏽 Jesus.Your literal life, positivity and pure inner beauty ❤️😍Yeah! God is the best place to go instead of going all these mystics, medium fortune tellers/ fraudsters. Let the creator and the all-knowing handle your life. 🙌🙏 is the key."

An Instagram user said this to the mom of one: "He beating the breaks off those problems 😫😂...beautiful, wise lady ❤️❤️There’s none better to handle all problems, giving God the Glory, Amen."

A fourth follower stated: "Gorgeous and the fact you’re standing in the middle of a hammock/net thingy...wt perfect balance and looking amazing!!! Girl, you are the bomb, and I love your feet.💣 💕 "

A fifth comment read: "Jordan, you are beautiful..sending you lots of love Queen!!!!!!!!😚❤️❤️🎉Do you have a man? I never see anyone in your gorgeous pictures but you. You are very pretty, and I was just curious what your boyfriend would look like."

Meanwhile, it is being claimed that Khloe Kardashian had a rather bittersweet Mother's Day.


A source told Hollywood Life : “Khloe celebrated Mother’s Day with True and her family she did not see Tristan. He did reach out to her, he actually sent her flowers yesterday with a Mother’s Day card, and although Khloe appreciated the gesture it did not in any way make her want to see him Not at all, it is way too little, too late. Instead, she is spending this special day with her beautiful daughter, her mom, her grandma and all the rest of her family, the people she can really count on.”

Jordan has navigated the Tristan cheating scandals with a lot of class.

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