Tristan Thompson Shares Adorable Video Where He Is Celebrating At Baby True's Birthday Party With Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson Shares Adorable Video Where He Is Celebrating At Baby True's Birthday Party With Khloe Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Awkward! Khloe Kardashian reunited with her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, as they celebrated True Thompson's first birthday.

Via social media, the basketball star posted a video where he is showing off the fancy pieces of jewelry that he purchased for baby True.

In another clip, Khloe can be seen standing as far away as possible from her ex as friends and family sang happy birthday for True.

A source told Hollywood Life that the exes are not in a good place since Tristan was caught cheating with Jordyn Woods.

The person claimed: “Khloé wants Tristan to be more involved in True’s life and she’s interested to see how much he will make an effort to see their little girl now that the NBA season is behind him. Khloé tries to include Tristan as much as possible, but it’s uncomfortable for Khloé given the fact that the communication is extremely minimal.”

The pal added: “Khloé took all of the reigns on True‘s birthday this year. Birthdays are a big deal for Khloé, and she was planning on celebrating with or without Tristan. Khloé went all out for True from the second she woke up. Everything was planned from head-to-toe, and she talked about it for the last few months. She was looking forward to the day so much.”

The family friend went on to reveal: “Khloé is still very hurt by what Tristan did to Khloé, as she feels he not only hurt her but their daughter who will one day know the truth when he hooked up with Jordyn [Woods, 21]. However, Khloé knows that Tristan does love True; she just wishes he’d be a bit more involved. The door is always open for that in Khloé’s eyes, no matter what her feelings on him are.”

Social media users are mocking Tristan.

One of them said: "Can y' all imagine if Jordyn would've strutted in, out of nowhere? My wig would've taken flight 😩I can only imagine. Khloe can't stand his guts, and baby True is the spitting image of her father lol."

An Instagrammer explained: "She’s more interested in his chain than him trying to get attention. She’s on her momma side. She looks like she doesn’t see him often.. it shows trust me. Wow, definitely didn’t expect him to sound like there was a bit too much sugar in his coffee..hmm."

This follower claimed: "Khloe said okay you could hold her, but only for a few videos that’s it 😭😭I still remember when he said she had the greenest eyes😆😆 oh Trimester Tristan,🤦🏻‍♀️she’s gorgeous regardless..💕"

Khloe seems determined to have Tristan in True's life.


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