Tristan Thompson Made A Covert Proposal To Khloé Kardashian, But She Turned Him Down

Tristan Thompson Made A Covert Proposal To Khloé Kardashian, But She Turned Him Down
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Khloé's ex Tristan Thompson reportedly proposed to her more than a year ago, but she turned him down and didn't tell her family. This was discovered during a conversation with her sister Kim Kardashian.

Kim first told her sisters in December 2021 while they were dealing with the aftermath of Tristan's paternity controversy. Kim, 41, admitted in an emotional frankness that she frets for her friend since she keeps so much to herself.

That he proposed and you never informed us, she said Khloé, 38. So after several weeks, I finally asked him... and he said, "Oh, I did it months ago; she didn't tell you, people," the night after I thought it happened?

Kim elaborated on the matter in a second confession. I'll never forget Tristan calling me to tell me that he was planning to propose to her on Valentine's Day, exactly one year after the last time they had any conflict (which was last Valentine's Day). The next day, I gave him a ring to tell him that I had not heard back from Khloé. My God, did you just pop the question? and he said, "Oh yeah, I did in December." I can't believe she kept that from us! She was generous with her information.

Khloé, in her talk with Kim, recounted how she felt when Tristan proposed to her three months before he began an affair with another woman.

'I have to ensure this is a completely different relationship because I want to be proud to say I'm engaged to anyone,' I told her. I know I wounded his feelings by telling him the truth when I said, "I'm not comfortable accepting this right now because I'm not happy to inform my family." I told him I would never accept anything or give anyone false hope.


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