Tristan Thompson Is Showing Love To His 'Queen And Princess'

Tristan Thompson Is Showing Love To His 'Queen And Princess'
Credit: BET

Tristan Thompson showed a lot of love to Khloe Kardashian and their baby girl, True Thompson, and made sure to publicly show this to the world on social media. Check out the message that he shared for these amazing ladies.

People are not really here for this display of affection and they are shading Tristan in the comments, saying that when he got the chance, he did not treat Khloe as his queen - you may remember the Jordyn Woods cheating scandal, among many others.

Someone said: 'Tristan showing off Khloe cause he likes her new face apparently,' and another follower posted this message: 'Hopefully, he keeps this same energy when outside open back up completely‼️'

One other commenter said: 'Too bad he didn’t treat her as a Queen when he had her tho sooo NEXT CALLER,' and someone else posted this: 'I’m sorry but Khloe is just way too to embarrassing. It’s unreal.'

Someone else said: 'Khole looks like a different person each photo,' and a follower posted: 'I knew he wasn’t going anywhere when she had the nerve to say Jordyn messed up her family.'

A follower brought up the son that Tristan also has: 'But has a whole black prince at home and doesn’t acknowledge him until the internet reminds him. 🙄🙄 Goodbye sir!'

An Instagrammer said: 'She need to PUBLICLY apologize to Jordyn woods ASAP!!!'

In other news, Khloe shared some photos from her 36th birthday party on Instagram, where she has 115 million Instagram followers.

Khloe has undergone a huge makeover and started 2020 with a new look and even a new face .

While lots of people are criticizing the fact that Khloe 'changes her face every season,' lots of other fans are loving her new look with darker hair and they made sure to praise her in the comments.


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