Tristan Thompson Got His Wish Of Getting Closer To Khloe Kardashian Again

Tristan Thompson Got His Wish Of Getting Closer To Khloe Kardashian Again
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The relationship between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson ended in disaster, with the two staying as far away as possible from each other, but it looks like that might change soon.

Despite the fact that Khloe was initially completely against the idea of ever having anything to do with Tristan again, she might be warming up to that possibility now, as she is starting to realize that her little baby True needs a proper father figure in her life.

An insider told Hollywood Life : “Khloe’s relationship with Tristan is not as awful as everyone thinks, things have really progressed. Tristan is living in LA right now, and he has been making time for True. He goes to Khloe’s to spend time with True, but Khloe is very clear about boundaries, he’s there to see True end of the story.”

The family friend had the following to add: "It’s tough; it hasn’t been that long since they broke up, so they are still figuring out how to navigate this new normal, but they are making progress.”

This might be good news to Tristan himself, who was the one to make constant attempts at reconciliation shortly after the two broke up over the Jordy Woods's cheating drama.

Khloe has been quite dedicated to her role as a mother and has been taking True with her practically everywhere.

However, this might be starting to take its toll on her energy, and she is looking for alternatives.

And for better or worse, it does look like getting back together with Tristan might be the best option in the name of the baby right now.

Hopefully, Tristan will also be on board with the idea though. It has been half a year since the two broke up, and as dedicated as he may have initially been to getting Khloe back, his enthusiasm will likely wear off sooner or later.

It has not known if that time has already come, but many fans of the former couple have been debating whether Tristan should even consider getting back together with Khloe at this point.

It is something that will be interesting for many fans to see. Those two have been bringing the drama for years and it is not clear if they have the will to make this work, no matter how good it looks on paper.


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