Tristan Thompson ‘Embarrassed’ After LeBron James Slams ‘KUWTK’ Crew

Tristan Thompson ‘Embarrassed’ After LeBron James Slams ‘KUWTK’ Crew
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Tristan Thompson got shamed after LeBron James called out alleged KUWTK cameras at a Cav's workout a massive 's*** show.' Here are the details on how he is afraid that his team might turn on him.

Cleveland Cavaliers captain, LeBron James, blew his lid when he showed up at the team's workout session on October 3. He found the place crawling with cameras that were allegedly shooting KUWTK.

They were on hand to film his teammate Tristan Thompson who is dating Khloe Kardashian.

King James didn't like that and he posted a Snapchat video showing the chaos that the crew was creating there during the team's workout.

He called it a 's*** show,' over and over again. 'Tristan is embarrassed by the distraction and tension created by the KUWTK camera crew. He loves Khloe and wants to make her happy, but he had no idea the cameras would cause so much attention and create drama within his team,' an insider confessed.

Cleveland 19 said that the crew gained access to Cleveland Clinic Courts and even if it was

not very clear who the access got approved, their presence was apparently a shock to LeBron.

He panned his phone around the whole room to show the cameramen shooting the team's gym workout. He made his way around players lifting weights and doing crunches on exercise balls.

King James was apparently pissed that their practice was being interrupted as he loudly said 'The sh** show is here. Look at the s*** show' over and over while showing the crew trying to film.

'Part of Tristan loves being in the spotlight, but he promised LeBron and the team that Khloe and her reality show would not be a distraction. Now that the camera crews have bombed with his team, Tristan fears he may have to decide what is more important. He can’t keep both his teammates and his girlfriend Khloe happy. Tristan feels he is in a lose-lose situation,' the source said.


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