Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian Did Their Best To Show Jordan Craig's Child A Lot Of Love On His Birthday With Sweet Videos

Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian Did Their Best To Show Jordan Craig's Child A Lot Of Love On His Birthday With Sweet Videos
Credit: Instagram

Miss Jordan Craig took to social media to share a few stunning photos of her son, Prince, on his 2nd birthday.

Proud father Tristan Thompson also posted a sweet video where his baby boy is listening to music and eating candy.

Khloe Kardashian decided to show little Prince some love on his special day.

The stunning model wrote a heartfelt message that read: "Can’t believe I properly “have a 2 year old” ?! Such a bittersweet day...but I’m incredibly proud of the little gentlemen you are becoming! Love You Papa! ♥️?"

One fan replied: "So he taking picture with the other baby but this one not mmmhh and KK believe her happiness will last forever. How you leave this fly BabyMama for man plastic looking Khloe? You must be on Drugs. Your Son Mother is a Beauty."

Another commenter stated: "Baby is cute N baby mother is very pretty and seems like she got all her brain cells and natural body parts. Everyone talking about how much prettier she is than Khloe like relationships are powered by beauty gtfoh.Maybe his first baby mama wasn’t it. Lol she may be cute, but maybe that was it ??‍♀️ I don’t know, but it’s his birthday, and I hope he enjoyed it."

This fan wrote: "Happy Birthday Prince ❤️ , but they both have children from the same father who are related. It's the children's relationship that matters here. what which is the mature and classy way to respond. She is above all that drama that the k use for their show. Classy girl, I like her."

A fourth kind message read: "Love this picture of mother and son! A mothers love for her son is like no other !! Mom and son bond for life ???? @alleyesonjordyc enjoy all the precious moments as it goes by fast ! I know as my son is now 24 and college graduate and is already working in his career ?????? we have a strong bond. God bless you and baby prince. ???"

For the sake of babies True and Prince -- the adults are trying their best to get along.

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  • Sercile Magee
    Sercile Magee Dec 13, 2018 11:47 PM PST

    It has to be the fame and fortune he seeking in Khloe. He has shown in every way he don’t want her based on the way he treated her during last trimester of pregnancy. He hooked up with Khloe during Jordy’s pregnancy and Khloe thought she was exempt but he then did the same to her at 9 months pregnant and sent her into labor. What makes her think that if he did it twice he won’t again...really? Why is Khloe just so adamant about making this man a family man he only 27 and he has shown he not ready. But she so desperate. This man must really have something to work with...he did everything but spit in her face and she still want him and want to marry him. She’s a nut case!!!!!

  • Lennette
    Lennette Dec 13, 2018 10:58 AM PST

    O.M.G what are you doing Tristan your baby's mama is so freaking natural beautiful looks like Tristan there could be love on the other hand Klhoe be real, yes u have a beautiful daughter but I see eyes in the future for u @ Jordan myb in the long run u might want to try again wth her yr son is a gorgeous little young man !! Overall Jordan is beautiful all natural

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