Trisha Paytas Slams James Charles - Says He's In A Inappropriate Relationship With 16-Year-Old Charli D'Amelio

Trisha Paytas Slams James Charles - Says He's In A Inappropriate Relationship With 16-Year-Old Charli D'Amelio
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The New York Post reported today that James Charles has found himself involved in another feud with other influencers. Reportedly, it all started when Charli D'Amelio reportedly complained that she hadn't reached 100,000,000 followers on her TikTok account yet.

The social media star was accused by her fans of being "entitled" and "rude" after she said she should've already hit the 100-million mark already. The result of her complaints was that she suddenly lost around 1 million followers.

She now has just 98.5 at the moment. Fans and other celebrities have been trashing D'Amelio, including the YouTuber Trisha Paytas . D'Amelio largely hasn't said much about it thus far.

The 32-year-old YouTuber got involved when she began dragging James Charles into the mix. Fans of Charles know he has frequently worked with D'Amelio, and Paytas accused him of being "predatory" and latching on to an "underage girl." She also called for Charles to be "canceled."

Paytas took to her Twitter this Thursday to say that no one deserves to be canceled…except for James Charles. The star accused James of being a "forever victim" and claimed he had a "superiority conflict," which was probably mistakenly said instead of "superiority complex."

Charles responded on his account to blast Paytas, noting how Paytas probably was accusing him of grooming underage girls simply to get attention and publicity. Charles argued that he doesn't "need" Charli and neither does she need him.

It's not an abusive relationship where one has power over the other, and more importantly, they're merely friends. As fans of Charles know, he is openly gay.

Charles then aired out his problems with Paytas, arguing that she has done a lot of bad things before, including supporting Trump, doing blackface, offending the trans community, in addition to getting into a fight with many other creators.


This wouldn't be the first time Charles has been accused of age-related transgressions. Previously, Jeffrey Star and Tati Westbrook accused James of being predatory to young gay, and also straight, men. Months later, Westbrook came out to say that she had been manipulated by Shane Dawson into shaming James.

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