Trisha Paytas Slams Aaron Carter for Hooking Up With Her While Still Dating His Girlfriend

Trisha Paytas Slams Aaron Carter for Hooking Up With Her While Still Dating His Girlfriend
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YouTube star Trisha Paytas revealed that she and Aaron Carter hooked up while he was still in a relationship with his girlfriend, meaning that he cheated! As a result, the singer slammed Trisha, saying that she used their ‘personal experience’ in order to exploit him for money.

Trisha’s reveal came only a day after the former teen heartthrob announced he and Lina Valentina were no longer a couple.

This launched the two in a huge social media war.

‘I hooked up with @aaroncarter 2 nights ago and all I got was an unfollow 😔😔😔 I’m sorry ur d*ck is too big for me to take 😭😭😭,’ the YouTuber wrote in a tweet.

In response, Aaron shared DMs Trisha had sent him way back in 2016, reaching out to him about collabing on a YouTube video.

While he only replied to the influencer in June of 2017, he called Trisha ‘absolutely gorgeous.’

Then, last year, he also offered his phone number. The whole Twitter DM exchange was really friendly and sweet but Aaron’s caption of the exposed private conversation was not.

‘Trisha just stop. Come on girl you’re better than this and have some respect. I get what you are doing with your life/career but it’s got to change at some point. Let’s be real. @trishapaytas,’ he wrote.

And the Twitter exchange did not end there because the controversial influencer clapped back soon enough: ‘U really gon expose DMs ? Ok here we go – why u f***ing someone when your girlfriend lives at your house ! !??? But u try to tell me she is not??! U told me you were single wtf.’

After dating Lina for about a year, Aaron announced via Us Weekly that they had split, on August 4.

He also tweeted about being single on August 7.

But Trisha suggests she and Aaron hooked up and then he got back together with Lina the very next day!

Not only that but it supposedly happened twice!

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