Trisha Paytas Shares Confusing Video Seemingly Mocking Transgender People And Social Media Is Outraged!

Trisha Paytas Shares Confusing Video Seemingly Mocking Transgender People And Social Media Is Outraged!
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Trisha Paytas came under fire for declaring in a video on her channel that, not only is she transgender but also identifies as her ‘natural born gender’ and ‘more as a gay man.’ What?

Obviously that makes no sense and seems to be mocking the struggles actual transgender people go through, which is why people are outraged.

Trisha managed nothing more than to lose a lot of fans when she tried to explain her gender identity in a new video.

After all, the very definition of being transgender is supposed to be ‘someone whose gender identity is different from the one assigned at birth’ but the influencer did nothing but contradict herself in the clip.

First of all, the title was ‘I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)’ but in the clip, she argued that she identifies with the gender that was assigned to her at birth and that she is ‘more of a gay man!’

Trisha stated that right before starting to date Jason Nash, she did not feel like a female and went on to recall how when she was young, she’d be bullied for her hair and also called a ‘man.’

She went on to also reveal that she identifies ‘with men better’ but since she still likes men, she is a ‘gay man.

As you may be aware, gender identity and sexual orientation have nothing to do with one another so that explanation was not needed.

But it gets worse. Trisha’s argument for being a ‘gay man’ was that she likes ‘glam and voluptuousness’ like ‘a lot of gay men do.' Oh boy….

‘So in my head I feel like I’m a transgender female to male, but also like a drag queen. I have always been attracted to guys but not straight guys. I have always been attracted to gay guys,’ she stated, explaining that this made her think she was a gay man.

‘Do I think I am transgender? A thousand percent. Do I identify with my natural born gender? Yes, a thousand percent. So I think that is where I’m at, and I feel free and liberated…I think it is important that you can identify as masculine and feminine, identify as male and female if you choose,’ she concluded. Yikes!

As you can imagine, people were confused and enraged that she would go so out of her way to mock the transgender community.

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