Trippie Redd Clowns Chris Brown During Recording Meet Up

Trippie Redd Clowns Chris Brown During Recording Meet Up
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Trippie Redd and Chris Brown recently collaborated in the studio, and hilarity ensued. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the "Topanga" artist and Brown were in the studio together working on a brand new track and Trippe put on his best Brown impression.

This week, the duo were hanging out in Trippie Redd's home studio, and the pair of artists worked together on a single that hasn't been released yet. Redd said in the video, "get this n*gga out my room," in relation to where Chris was sitting.

Brown can be seen in the photo wearing sunglasses, khaki pants, a yellow long sleeve, and red skate shoes. Redd, taking the opportunity to clown around, posted a picture where he was wearing a similar outfit, and also sitting in the same chair.

You can check out the series of photos below:

Of course, Chris Brown needs no introduction; he's been on top of the charts since his career first began over ten years ago. Trippie Redd, on the other hand, has only been making hits for the last couple of years.

Earlier this year, Redd was in the headlines when his fellow rapper, TI, shouted out to him on social media. Amongst the social media messages were questions about race as well, considering Redd is of mixed heritage.

One commenter asked whether their child, who was mixed, could belong to their group. A series of posters went on to address the heated question at length, with many people arguing that there was a distinct difference between racial identity and the group they belong too.

Additionally, the pair of rappers joked about the black people's ostensible fear of ghosts. The recording artist said that it was true that black people believe in ghosts and they don't "mess with" none of them.

According to Trippie's Wikipedia page, he grew up in Ohio and first started listening to artists like Nas, Tupac, Beyoncé, and Ashanti, in addition to groups such as Nirvana, KISS, T-Pain, Cute is What We Aim For, Marilyn Manson, and Lil' Wayne.

Two of the first songs he ever dropped were "Sub-Zero" and "New Ferrari," although, he apparently deleted them shortly after releasing them.

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