Triple Frontier Star Charlie Hunnam Still Doesn't Regret Leaving Fifty Shades

Triple Frontier Star Charlie Hunnam Still Doesn't Regret Leaving Fifty Shades
Credit: Source: NY Daily News

Charlie Hunnam has faced a lot of scrutiny over his decision to quit the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, a part that eventually went to Jamie Dornan. Most of the talk has centered on how different the movies would have been with Hunnam at the helm, but the Triple Frontier star still has zero regrets about turning down what could have been one of his most lucrative roles to date.

Looking back at the decision, Hunnam recently revealed that he never thinks about playing Christian Grey because he would have portrayed the character completely different from Dornan.

The Sons of Anarchy star even admitted that he has not watched the erotic films, though he is certain that Dornan did a great job with the part.

"I don’t see myself in that role at all because it would have been totally different," Hunnam shared. "So that’s Jamie Dornan’s character, you know? I haven’t seen them but I’m sure he did an excellent job."

According to Cinema Blend , Hunnam has not watched the movie because he does not want to be critical of Dornan's performance. He also has zero interest in examining the films as whole and has no regrets about pulling out of the project.

In fact, Hunnam now realizes that his vision for the character was different from filmmakers and that things would not have worked out in the end.

Hunnam has opened up about his decision to leave Fifty Shades of Grey in the past. The actor previously revealed that scheduling conflicts prevented him from moving forward with the project. At the time, Hunnam was filming Sons of Anarchy and working on the movie, Crimson Peak .

Although Hunnam admitted that he would be wealthier had he accepted the part, he has done plenty well for himself in recent years. Apart from his professional life, his romance with longtime girlfriend Morgana McNelis is still going strong. In a rare public appearance, the two were spotted enjoying a Saturday afternoon together in Los Angeles and looked happier than ever.

Taking to Instagram , McNelis even shared a photo of her posing alongside Charlie Hunnam during their vacation to India.


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