Trina Urges Nicki Minaj And Remy Ma To Squash Beef And Work Together

Trina Urges Nicki Minaj And Remy Ma To Squash Beef And Work Together

Artists left and right are weighing in on the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma's beef that had music lovers buzzing throughout most of 2017.

The latest famous person to give their 2 cents on the matter is Trina.

While some entertainers such as Meek Mill, Rihanna, and even Drake delight in the madness, Trina said the fight is pointless.

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star said it is time for women to support each other instead of shading and fighting.

In a new interview, Trina explained: “I do not get into all that – people always try to put women against each other. It is more of that than trying to unite together because people definitely love to see more of a unity than a separation, but in this generation, we do not have that. We have too many envious, hateful people that would rather see a divide."

The Queen Of The South said that femcees should collaborate even if they hate each other.

She shared: "I do not know why. I see so many dudes that work together and don’t even like each other –- why separate the women from doing that? I do not like that. That is something I do not like."

It is not going to happen between the two New York rappers, Remy will drop her new album soon, and word on the street is that she is coming for Minaj because she finds her game weak.

A source said: “If this new song with Katy is the best Nicki can do, Remy feels sorry for her. Remy is still waiting for Nicki to drop a diss track on her own, woman-to-woman like a G bi**h is suppose to. Then maybe, just maybe, Remy will have a little shred of respect for Nicki. But that is doubtful.”

The chatty insider added: “Remy is planning on showing up at award shows and in front of everybody who’s somebody in the game, and you best believe she is going to be on that stage presenting or something. Make no mistake; she is going to full-on blast Nicki to her face, in front of everyone, and dare Nicki to say something. That is how it is done, son!”

A collaboration between those two seems unlikely at this point.

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