Trina Braxton Speaks On The Passing Of Her Ex-Husband, Gabe Solis - Read Her Heartbreaking Message

Trina Braxton Speaks On The Passing Of Her Ex-Husband, Gabe Solis - Read Her Heartbreaking Message
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Trina Braxton received heartbreaking news as her ex-husband, Gabe Solis died at only 43 years old.

He had been battling cancer, and he kept this a secret even from his family, according to the latest reports coming from TMZ.

Now, she finally speaks about the tragic event.

'On December 20, 2018, a chapter permanently closed for my sons and I. For over 16 years, Gabe Solis was an essential part of our lives. Like all families, there are good and bad moments that are endured, but those moments, good or bad still made us who we are in the present. Unfortunately, someone leaked the story before we could make everyone aware of his passing, and I apologize to those friends and family members for finding out through social outlets. I also apologize directly to the Solis Family,' she wrote.

Trina continued and said 'I do humbly ask for your prayers for our families, but my greatest request is that when you are posting comments, remember Gabe’s passing is a loss for our family. He was a father to my boys, a son, brother, and friend to many and I would appreciate privacy and respect as we grieve his unexpected departure. @gabe_solis1234 I miss you, my dear friend.'

Her fans flooded her comments section with kind words and condolences,

Someone wrote 'My deepest condolences go out to your family during this difficult time!!!'

Another person posted, 'May God bless you and your family. may he wrap his arms around for comfort.'

A commenter told Trina that 'This is truly a sad moment and my prayers and condolences are with you and the families. A loss is a loss no matter what, and it's always painful. I'm sorry for your loss.'

Our sincere thoughts and strong prayers go to the family and friends of Gabe Solis.

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  • Camille Smith
    Camille Smith Dec 23, 2018 9:03 PM PST

    I have always adored the Braxtons and the things that they've been through. Trina and husband Gab are two of the most special people I've enjoyed. Trina has endured alot and is a very strong woman. My prayers go out to her and her sons also the entire family. May God bless you. Better Things Ahead For You.

  • Hilda Ash-Houston
    Hilda Ash-Houston Dec 22, 2018 2:14 PM PST

    My sincere prayers and condolences to you and the family. My the love of God comfort and give you peace.

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