Trey Songz Shares The First Photos Of His Stunning Baby Mama And Fans Are In Love

Trey Songz Shares The First Photos Of His Stunning Baby Mama And Fans Are In Love
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For many months, fans have been hounding singer and songwriter Trey Songz for the name of his baby mama or just a picture.

This week, the artist has decided to delight his followers by finally sharing a few pictures of the woman whom he shares baby Noah with.

Via Instagram, Trey Songz shared a few sweet photos where he is celebrating Noah's first birthday with his baby mama. In a few of the photos, the curly-haired who gave birth to Noah can be seen.

Many took to social to praise the singer for having a child with a non-Instagram model.

One fan replied: "I love you, Noah. I thank God for bringing you to me at a time I needed your love the most. One year passed unbelievably fast, but within the first second of meeting you, I knew you would be the light of my life until I take my last breath. Happy Birthday, son. ❤️"

This backer stated: "Hat man got him an off the grid normal beautiful women as a baby mama and living secretly happy now that’s some ❤️."

Another social media user said: "Notice how he and Drake don’t have IG model looking women for their child’s mom. GREAT JOB, GUYS‼️"

This person claimed: "This should tell y’all something all them juiced up females are for the show get you a natural beautiful woman and build an empire !"

A fifth supporter wrote: "Why he hid her she’s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ she seems normal and relatable...They lie to y’all making y’all think they want a ratchet 😂. They play with ratchet, but they love the nice, wholesome ladies."

This follower praised him for being with a regular girl and added: "Regular regular chick! I'm here for it, Trey!! 😍Noticed that the baby mums never end up being the IG models that they usually mess around with 🤔 Some women don’t wanna be posted. And he doesn’t have to show her if he didn’t want to. Once he showed her to the world, it’s a wrap, here come the paparazzi and jealous/crazy stalker people lol."

A seventh comment read: "I like the fact that she’s a regular beauty and that he didn’t get one of these IG models pregnant. While y’all tryna keep up with the Kardashian’s, all your favorite celebrities’ bm’s/ wives are looking like the girl next door."

The R&B artist has won a few points today.

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