Trey Songz Kicks Off His OnlyFans Account - Joining The Ranks Of Chris Brown, Cardi B, And More

Trey Songz Kicks Off His OnlyFans Account - Joining The Ranks Of Chris Brown, Cardi B, And More
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If there's one thing that's clear amid the 2020 coronavirus pandemic , it's that OnlyFans has become a powerhouse in the entertainment business. There's no doubt the pandemic led to a lot of problems for many performing artists considering one of their most essential revenue streams, concerts, were shut down for almost the entire year.

As a way of compensating for the loss of income, many artists have turned to virtual means of making money, with OnlyFans being chief among them. Stars such as Cardi B, Chris Brown, Boosie Badazz , and many others have started accounts to make more cash.

Some celebrities have managed to make a lot of money, with Bella Thorne probably being the most famous among them, however, it has caused some problems for people, including for Thorne, who later had to apologize for reportedly misleading her fans into believing they were going to get nude photos if they signed up.

According to a new report from Hot New Hip Hop, Trey Songs is just another artist who has joined the fray. On what was Trey's 36th birthday, the R&B artist kicked off an account probably to celebrate his birthday but also to undertake a new entrepreneurial endeavor as well.

Hot New Hip Hop says it's clear that Mr. Songz has chosen to start an account to begin a new year in 2021. Thus far, however, it's not entirely clear what kind of content Trey intends on creating, but the link is already in his Instagram bio.

More importantly, Trey has appeared to charge his fans and followers $20 per month to watch the content. As it was noted above, many celebrities and artists have chosen to start an OnlyFans account to make up for lost income.

Bella Thorne is perhaps the most controversial among them after she revealed that she had made $2 million in less than 48 hours. However, Bella came under fire when she gloated about it during an interview with The Los Angeles Times.


Bella had said they were going to make a movie about her success, but this project later fell through.

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