Trevor Noah Thinks That Rappers Should Create Second Versions Of Their Hits Without The 'N-Word'

Trevor Noah Thinks That Rappers Should Create Second Versions Of Their Hits Without The 'N-Word'
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According to a report from, Trevor Noah recently appeared on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to reveal his very controversial opinion on the use of the N-word in rap songs. In fact, during his appearence on the show, The Daily Show host stated that rappers should release new versions of their song that have the word removed.

Thus far, however, social media users haven't been overly pleased with his opinion. During his interview with The Breakfast Club hosts, the star claimed that "rappers should just make like another version" where non-Black people can rap along to it.

As it was previously reported, the Jane The Virgin actress, Gina Rodriguez, recently found herself excoriated by the hip-hop community for using the "N-word" while she sang along to a classic song from The Fugees.

Following Noah's comments, the IG video led to a massive debate on the internet regarding whether or not it was ok for Latin-American people to use the term. For the most part, claims BET, people on social media believe that the word shouldn't be permitted due to its history.

There's no question that Noah's idea was met with some positive and negative opinions, with some people accusing him of trying to stifle free speech. During a conversation with Angela Yee as well as Charlamagne Tha God, Trevor explained that people "don't understand the sensitivities that they need to have in and around words, that they're using."

Trevor Noah joked that people could use the term, however, there were certain repercussions from doing so. Trevor added that there are a lot of people out there who "grew up with hip-hop," and identify with black culture, however, due to not actually being black, they should be more careful in terms of the words they use.

This comes after a few controversial instances in the hip-hop community, black community, and Latin community, including Gina Rodriguez's derided use of the term in addition to Fat Joe's explanation that Latin people were nearly the same as black people due to history of slavery.

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