Trevor Jackson Praises Lil Nas X Following His Sexual Orientation Revelation

Trevor Jackson Praises Lil Nas X Following His Sexual Orientation Revelation
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According to a report from, the month of June ended up being a big one for Lil Nas X, following news that he has the longest-running Hot 100#1 song with "Old Town Road." On the very last day of LGBT Pride Month, the rapper also insinuated he was gay.

Ever since he made the revelation, there has been an outpouring of support and positivity for Lil Nas X, including Trevor Jackson - the Grown-ish star - who is the latest to congratulate Lil Nas X for being true to himself and being who he really is.

During Monday's episode of Black Entertainment Television's episode of Black Coffee, Trevor said that one has to "live free," and he was glad to see the 20-year-old rapper was coming out and being real. The actor said when one is not being real with themselves, it's like living in captivity.

Trevor Jackson went on to say that Lil Nas X was setting a great example for other people who maybe are struggling to find the courage to reveal their sexual orientation. Trevor added it lets people all over the globe realize they can be whomever they want to be.

As it was previously reported, ever since Lil Nas X came out, other rappers and producers have applauded him for doing so. Recently, reporters from TMZ caught the rapper, Irv Gotti, who said that times have changed a lot in the black community, moreover, in the hip-hop community as well.

Gotti said to the outlet that twenty or thirty years ago, the community's reaction to him would've been a lot different, however, now, people are more accepting and understanding of the lives and experiences of others - a great thing for society.

Lil Nas X released his track on SoundCloud earlier this year, the aforementioned "Old Town Road," and it went viral. Initially, Billboard removed it from the country charts for being too hip-hop, however, after Billy Ray Cyrus got on board and sang a part of the introduction, they put the song back on the charts.

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