Travis Tritt Is Horrified And Saddened By News Of His Fatal Tour Bus Crash

Travis Tritt Is Horrified And Saddened By News Of His Fatal Tour Bus Crash
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According to a report from Page Six, Travis Tritt is extremely saddened by his tour bus crash that led to fatalities. On Friday night, the singer-songwriter shared an image on his Instagram showing the consequences of a Jeep and pick-up truck collision.

The singer wrote that he and other members of his group were sideswiped in an accident which caused death on Veteran's Highway as they were leaving Myrtle Beach. The 56-year-old and the other passengers were not injured, however.

Mr. Titt remarked, "Thank God we are all ok," and went on to say he felt bad for those who had passed. "I'm literally shaken by what I witnessed." According to a report from the CBS satellite, WCSC, an emergency crew responded to the wreck which involved three vehicles and occurred in the early hours of the morning.

Despite the fact the news publication didn't reveal the cause of the crash, the singer wrote on his Twitter account that it must've been the result of drinking and driving. Mr. Titt advised his followers to always drive sober, even if it seems like a necessity to drive.

"I'm saddened beyond belief!" Mr. Titt wrote, stating that those who died passed away because of stupidity, above all else. Drinking and driving are one of the leading causes of death in traffic accidents. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 10,500 people died every year as a consequence of impaired driving.

In 2016, over one million people were arrested and charged with impaired driving, and around 17% of all traffic-related accidents are related to drinking in some way. At one point in time in American history, drinking and driving, believe it or not, was a commonplace thing that wasn't frowned upon by the general public.

The popular series on Netflix and AMC, Mad Men, portrayed this fact with one character, Roger, who drives away from Don Draper's home one evening intoxicated and without warning from either John Hamm's character or his wife.

After years of activism and education, however, the public discourse surrounding impaired driving has changed significantly, as have the laws as well.

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