Travis Scott Is ’Super Psyched’ After Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Reports; He’d Reportedly Love To Start A Family

Travis Scott Is ’Super Psyched’ After Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Reports; He’d Reportedly Love To Start A Family

Everyone's talking about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy these days. According to some sources, Travis Scott is extremely excited about the whole thing.

Travis was recently seen partying with Scott Disick and he was in a really good mood.

New details about the alleged reactions of Travis have surfaced. It looks like the rapper can't wait to take on fatherhood.

'The pregnancy wasn’t planned, but both Kylie and Travis are absolutely thrilled,' a source close to Kylie confessed.

'Kylie has always wanted to be a young mom, and she’s always wanted a baby girl, so she feels she is doubly blessed. Kylie fell pregnant just weeks after she started dating Travis, and it was a complete surprise to her, but she immediately knew she wanted to keep the baby,' the same insider continued to state.

'At first, she was apprehensive about telling Travis, but she didn’t need to be as he was really, really happy. This will be Travis’ first child, and he’s super psyched about being a father, and he’s going to spoil the baby, and Kylie, like crazy!'

It's pretty obvious that this insider is referencing reports that the reality star knows she’s got a little girl on the way!

Travis might have posted on his social media about the pregnancy a while ago but no one knew what he was referring to back then.

Neither Kylie, Travis not the Kardashians have confirmed that she is indeed pregnant, that all remained silent about the topic on social media. This lead fans to wonder if a big reveal could be on the way. Kylie also missed the New York Fashion Week this year, and she usually used to be present. Who knows, she may be hiding her baby bump!


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  • ednafutz
    ednafutz Sep 24, 2017 5:05 PM PDT

    How old is Kylie Jenner? And where does she dig up these guys? Kylie, why do you aim so low are pretty, smart (are you??) and deserve better.

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