Travis Scott Has Reportedly Been Cheating On Pregnant Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott Has Reportedly Been Cheating On Pregnant Kylie Jenner
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Kylie Jenner is in for some rough days ahead. Amid rumors that the 20-year-old is pregnant , it now sounds like her baby daddy, Travis Scott, has been cheating on her another woman. Will Kylie be forced to raise the baby on her own?

In Touch Weekly reports that Scott is cheating on the reality star with a 20-year-old woman. Scott apparently met the girl while producing a music video. An insider told the outlet that the affair has been happening for a long time and that Kylie has no idea what is going on.

The source claims that Kylie would lose it if she found out about the affair and that Scott is in love with the mystery woman. Even worse, it sounds like their romance heated up when Kylie found out she was pregnant with Scott’s baby.

Despite cheating on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, the insider claims that Scott doesn’t want to leave her. In fact, Scott is still playing the part of a loving boyfriend and future father and has even talked about marrying Kylie.

For her part, Kylie is thrilled about the prospects of marriage and wants to tie the knot as soon as possible. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like Scott is being genuine about his feelings, especially if he is still cheating on her with the other girl.

While the news on Kylie’s relationship with Scott develops, Kris Jenner may have just confirmed that Kylie is expecting her first child. According to In Touch Weekly , the momager recently shared a photo on social media of nine pairs of child pajamas she had purchased for Christmas. Jenner only has six grandchildren at the moment and Kim Kardashian already announced her pregnancy with Kanye West. Were the other two PJs for Kylie and Khloe Kardashian’s new babies?

Until Kylie Jenner confirms the news, we won’t know for sure whether she’s pregnant. Kylie and Travis Scott have not commented on the rumors surrounding their relationship .


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  • Ja bru
    Ja bru Nov 26, 2017 7:13 PM PST

    Haha that's what she gets. Dumb a**. What made her think she was so special. Can turn hoes into housewives or decent mother's.

  • Alaias Perkins
    Alaias Perkins Nov 26, 2017 4:18 PM PST

    I mean did she really think that he would remain faithful? Hah, babies have never made a man stay faithful! Just doesn't work!

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