Travis Scott Has A Spontaneous Gift For Kylie Jenner - Check Out Her New Iced Bling

Travis Scott Has A Spontaneous Gift For Kylie Jenner - Check Out Her New Iced Bling
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Travis Scott is all about his baby mama, Kylie Jenner, and their girl, Stormi. He just gifted Kylie an iced watch, and she definitely made sure to show it off on ner social media account for her fans to see this baby as well.

People in the comments are not really here for this kind of showing off. Some said that such flaunting of the wealth got Kim Kardashian robbed in France a while ago.


Another commenter said 'Don’t celebs get tired of watches that cost a fortune ONLY to not even look at it for the time?'

One person wrote, 'Meanwhile, most people be waiting on that text back,' while someone else also criticized the wealthy people who are showing off their bling like that and said: 'Why do y’all be so Googly eyed over rich people stuff like this??? 😐I would never understand how people are obsessed with stuff like this.'

One person said 'It’s no fun when u can buy that for yourself she’s rich.'

Someone else posted, 'While some of us work just as hard or even harder and still can't pay our bills and feed our kids probably some living their best lives.....ohh to be rich and famous.'

Kylie could be seen in the most recent KUWK trailer when she finally addressed the cheating scandal that involved her former BFF Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy.

The makeup mogul’s reaction was: ‘She f***ed up.’

Anyway, Jordyn has been living her best life, she got herself her own place, and she launched a sports apparel line just recently.


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