Travis Barker's Ex-Wife Shanna Moakler Blames Her Fallout With Their Teen Kids On Kourtney Kardashian!

Travis Barker's Ex-Wife Shanna Moakler Blames Her Fallout With Their Teen Kids On Kourtney Kardashian!
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As you may know, not too long ago, Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker 's teen daughter, Alabama, called her mom out for supposedly being an absent parent. Now, Shanna is responding and it looks like she blames the 'severe distancing' between her and their kids, Alabama and Landon, on Travis' romance with Kourtney Kardashian !

According to her, the mother-kids relationship has gotten really cold ever since her ex started dating the Kardashian.

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Shanna and Travis co-parent two teenagers, Landon, who is 17, and Alabama, 15 and it sounds like she's suggesting the bond between them as a family has really weakened.

During an interview for Us Weekly, the model shared that ' The Kardashians are buying my kids Prada every other day. They are going on these lavish trips. They are doing all of these things, which is fine. I think it is nice that they are being kind to my kids. I want that for my children.'

But even though she knows that her young ones are treated so well by Kourtney and the rest of her reality TV clan, that's not to say the mother doesn't still have some frustrations.

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'I don't think it's great when they put a wedge in between their biological mother,' she went on to add.

This comes after her 15 year old daughter claimed in a post on her IG account that: 'My mom has never completely been in my life, can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom. Did your mom ask to see you on Mother's Day because mine didn't? I am done keeping a secret, reality shows. Everyone thinks my mother is amazing, Matthew [her boyfriend] is nothing but awful to her not only that but he cheats on her.'


In response to this post, Shanna told the same news outlet that she thinks it's sad when kids attack their parents publicly and even 'lie about their relationships.'


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