Travis Barker And Blink-182 Going On Tour With Lil' Wayne Following Barker's Doctor's 'Ok'

Travis Barker And Blink-182 Going On Tour With Lil' Wayne Following Barker's Doctor's 'Ok'
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Reported first by Page Six, Travis Barker recently had some pretty serious health problems, including the most recent accident in 2018. Despite his issues, Travis never stopped working.

A source who spoke with the outlet claimed Blink-182's drummer, who's about to go on tour with Lil' Wayne in the coming months, has always been busy making music, regardless of health problems. The source said Travis was always "producing a ton of stuff," many of which turned into new Blink songs.

Last year, for instance, Travis Barker developed blood clots in his arms, had to fight off a staph infection, and also suffered from cellulitis. Blink subsequently had to cancel the remaining dates of their Las Vegas residency. After the drummer's issues with his health, Barker's car hit a school bus, but everyone, fortunately, was ok.

A representative told Page Six that Barker's problems aren't bad enough to stop performing. Recently, Travis appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast where he dished on the plane crash eleven years ago that nearly took his life in 2008.

In what became a tragic irony, Barker's private plane crashed following the release of their album, take off your pants and jacket, in 2001, an album on which Travis was given the symbol of a plane on the record's cover. Travis reportedly begged the other band members not to give him the 'plane' symbol because he was terrified of flying.

Travis claims he fell into jet fuel after the plane crashed, and lit on fire as he escaped its ruins. After running on to the highway, he and Goldstein, also known as DJ AM, ran in circles before someone told them to "stop, drop, and roll."

Goldstein later died from a drug overdose approximately one year later. When Travis was lying in the hospital, he asked people he knew to kill him in exchange for $1,000,000. These days, Travis has come back to full-form, despite having repeating health problems.

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