'Transparent' Season 4 Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

'Transparent' Season 4 Now Streaming on Amazon Prime
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Transparent  Season 4 returns to Amazon on September 22, 2017, bringing the latest drama from the Pfeffermans to Prime members. The series has won multiple Emmys and Golden Globe awards making it Amazon's most successful original series to date. Though transparent means something clear or see-through, the title of the series could be defined as "trans" "parent." The show focuses on the journey of the Pfefferman patriarch who was born Morton and is now known by the name Maura. Maura is on the path of self-discovery and realizing her own truth as transgender. Transparent not only follows her journey but how her children and ex-wife come to terms with having a transgender parent.

Earlier this summer, Amazon announced that Transparent was picked up for a fifth season. Season five will begin production and be released in 2018.

Amazon releases their series at once, so you can binge watch Transparent Season 4 immediately, should you choose to.

Transparent has broken many Hollywood boundaries and taboos. While it wasn't uncommon to find Hollywood films that focused on transvestites, it was rare to see a show centered around someone who was born transgender.

For decades, Hollywood has used cross-dressing as a way of depicting a character that was morally corrupt at best, or downright evil at worst. These stereotypes had permeated through American culture resulting in stigmatism and prejudice.

For instance, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs was possibly transgender. He wanted to become a woman to the point he abducted and killed in order to create his female persona.

Hitchcock's classic film Psycho , that could arguably be the film that set the standard for psychological thrillers, consisted of  Norman Bates taking on his mother's identity to the point he wore her clothes when he murdered.

Hollywood has depicted men who wear women's clothes and/or struggle with gender identity issues, as murderous, evil villains, and public opinion followed.

Transparent  is one of the first television series that addresses issues of gender and identity with grace, love, and realism — even compassion.

We see Maura's struggles and watch as her children adjust to the realization that their father is no longer the person they knew. In fact, their father is gone and the family mourns and grieves the loss while learning to love and accept Maura.

Another aspect of Transparent  that breaks stereotypes is that we see Maura's children also question and explore their own sexuality.

Transparent isn't just a series that focuses on the gender and sexual identity of Maura Pfefferman, but of the supporting characters as well.

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