Trailer For Tokyo Toni's Dating Show Released -- Blac Chyna Couldn't Be Happier For Her Mom

Trailer For Tokyo Toni's Dating Show Released -- Blac Chyna Couldn't Be Happier For Her Mom
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This dating show is guaranteed to be like no other. Blac Chyna's mother, Tokyo Toni, is looking for love and is taking her fans on a journey to help her find it.

Shalana Hunter made a special announcement last week where she appeared unrecognizable in a Youtube video . She revealed that she will be following in the footsteps of her daughter and having her own reality show on the Zeus network.

'Chyna is going to be on my show as well. She is not a co-host she is a feature. That’s my show as well as me being on her show. So we both have our own show and we will coincide with each other when deemable and necessary. We’ll do a public announcement sometime (next week) It’s going to be off the chain believe it. It’s going to be no facade. So my birthday is October the 8 of course we’ll be filming around that so because it’s my show, I want to think of something really crazy, fun, and entertaining.'

What she failed to mention was that her new venture is a dating show. Blac Chyna debuted a teaser to her Instagram that left fans wanting more.

This comes after the two have seemingly mended their broken relationship. The mother and daughter have been feuding for years and even had a rocky start on the first episode of The Real Blac Chyna.

Toni and Chyna are in therapy and trying to find a middle ground. Tokyo has been able to spend time with her grandchildren -- something she threatened to take her daughter to court about.

The grandmother is even making Hollywood friends. Recently, she appeared in a few videos with Lyrica G. who is the mother of Lyrica Anderson.

Will you tune into Toni's new show? Do you think she will find love this way?

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