‘Trading Spaces’ To Return On TV After A Decade Off Air!

‘Trading Spaces’ To Return On TV After A Decade Off Air!
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It’s official! "Trading Spaces" has been finally renewed after ten years, coming back sometime in 2018!

According to reports, the exciting announcement was made at the Discovery Communications Upfront presentation.

"TLC is back into home and property with Nate & Jeremiah By Design, our new show helping distressed homeowners turn disasters into dream homes," Nancy Daniels stated, adding that it is very exciting to expand on the theme and bring back the OG home improvement show, Trading Spaces!

As fans may remember, Trading Spaces ran from 2000 to 2008 on TLC.

On the popular TV show, neighbors redesigned a room in each other’s homes - with the help of interior designers of course.

What was very fun about the show’s premise was the fact that the homeowners had no say in how their rooms were going to be transformed.

The series also helped made Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip, Carter Oosterhouse and Ty Pennington into household names and gave birth to many spinoffs.

In fact, it is the show that started the home redesign trend on American television.

Whether or not Davis will return to the revamped show it is yet to be determined.

"All I know is fans are constantly bringing up to me how much they miss the show...so with TLC bringing it back, there will for sure be a lot of happy viewers out there!" Davis said.

In 2005, Davis left the show, leaving the hit series without a host but returned in 2008.

Later, she hosted Home Made Simple in 2011 and had also appeared in many stage productions including Beauty and the Beast, Chicago, Sweet Charity and Boeing-Boeing.

Will you watch the new and improved Trading Spaces?

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