Tracy Morgan Jokes That He's Gotten His Wife Pregnant Three Times During Quarantine

Tracy Morgan Jokes That He's Gotten His Wife Pregnant Three Times During Quarantine
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On the 7th of April, Tracy Morgan spoke with the reporters from Today and he did what Tracy does best: bringing light and fun energy. BET claims the actor/comedian appeared in a video chat with the host of the program, Hoda Kotb, in which they talked about all of the things he's been doing lately to keep himself busy.

The 51-year-old joked with the host that he and his wife have been stuck at home for around 3 weeks, and consequently, he thinks his wife is now pregnant. The comedian claimed that because they've been spending so much time in solitude, they've had a lot more time for experimentation.

The comedian joked with the host of the Today show that he and his wife have been role-playing, where his wife plays a young woman whose grandfather is fighting COVID-19. According to Morgan, he portrays the scientist who discovered the cure for the virus, and she'll "do anything" to save his life.

After sharing a few jokes with the host - including the fact that he's probably going to get some of his pets checked out for COVID-19 following the diagnosis of a tiger - Morgan shared his admiration and respect for healthcare workers who have been keeping everyone safe. Fans of Morgan know this isn't the first time he has praised medical professionals. 

Morgan said, "they know what they're doing." The comedian famously got into a terrible car crash in 2014 on the New Jersey Turnpike, an accident that killed a close friend. The comic shared that he spent a lot of time in the hospital, and is fully aware of what happens behind the scenes.

Furthermore, Morgan also defended police officers in addition to the handling of the coronavirus by the Trump administration. As most know, Trump has been engaging in daily press conferences at the White House in which he frequently criticizes the media for "sensationalism."

Fans of daytime and late-night television programs know that many of the productions have continued, albeit, in a video-chat format in which the hosts speak to celebrities and other entertainers through Skype or other platforms.

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