Traci Braxton Shares A New Trailer For 'Braxton Family Values' - Watch It Here

Traci Braxton Shares A New Trailer For 'Braxton Family Values' - Watch It Here
Credit: BET

Traci Braxton made fans excited when she shared a trailer from the Braxton Family Values series. The show has been surrounded by controversy since it's talking about Tamar Braxton 's recent suicide attempt.

Someone said: 'Okay Traci! She is not playing. I always say that you have to teach people how to treat you. 🤷🏾‍♀️😍🌸'

A follower posted this message: 'Traci always been treated differently and an outcast,' and someone else said: 'Yaaaaaassss it's time for Traci to show them she's not having the BS.'

One follower said: 'Hell the public has always been able to see that Traci is treated differently by her family. I cut my toxic family off! I literally mourned for 3 months but once I got over it, it has been PEACEFUL! Love from a distance Traci! Blood ain't always family, unfortunately. 😢❤️❤️❤️'

A person wrote this message: 'Traci is using her SELF PITY to say she's being mistreated but the fact if the matter is she IS NOT on the same level as her sister. They did the singing thing and now moved on to prosper in other ventures, and she's still stuck back in time to when she was pregnant and lost the contract..get over it.'

Someone else said: 'They always fucking with Traci. That Aries rage has been coming out of her lately. Stop fu*king with her. They always treated her different...'

Another follower said: 'I am being sincere when I ask this....why she is angry with her sister's for taking the deal? It was her decision to have a child. They aren't obligated to not follow their dreams because she couldn't. Is there more to the story?'


What do you think about the show these days?


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