Traci Braxton Missing From Family Thanksgiving Photo -- Fans Wonder Where She Is

Traci Braxton Missing From Family Thanksgiving Photo -- Fans Wonder Where She Is
Credit: Source: The Grio

The last season of "Braxton Family Values" was the most explosive yet. It found the family at odds with Traci Braxton versus the rest of her sisters.

Although it seemed as though all the sisters were upset with each other and the visit with Iyanla Vanzant did more hurt than good, it was said that the women found a way to bring themselves back together after the disastrous weekend.

That's why fans were excited when they saw a happy family photo. Until they realized that the picture was missing one person -- Traci.

Fans immediately called out the missing link when Tamar Braxton Posted the Thanksgiving snapshot to her Instagram.

"Where is Traci and Michael?"


"I love this family but you guys are clearly still treating Traci as an outcast and that's exactly why she gets so mad. I feel her pain. I pray that God puts forgiveness and understanding in yall heart so you can learn to support your sister."

"Tis can't be called a family photo if traci is missing. She matters just as any of you."

"Relax guys you know how they do traci....she is probably taking the photo because even Mama E is in this one."

None of the sisters nor Traci commented on why she was missing from the upload.

The last time the grandmother of one spoke on the situation she said that things did improve a bit after counseling.

Regardless of her relationship with her siblings, Traci is flourishing.

After getting the spotlight on a few episodes of "BFV" where she got to bring her famous friends along on a couple excursions, Traci is focusing on preparing for a few tour dates for her latest album.

Additionally, she is adjusting to being a grandmother to her son's little one.

Why do you think Traci was missing from the picture? Do you think the sisters are still on rough terms?


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  • Belinda
    Belinda Nov 25, 2018 9:34 PM PST

    Y does Tamar shirt says Girl Bye..can she be referring to Traci.ijs

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