Traci Braxton Announces That The 'Braxton Family Values' Will Be Back In November

Traci Braxton Announces That The 'Braxton Family Values' Will Be Back In November
Credit: BET

Traci Braxton just announced that the Braxton Family Values would be back this November. Fans got really excited, and they made sure to tell this to Traci in the comments.

'We are back for #2020 are y’all ready ... @bfv_wetv @wetv #braxtonfamilyvalues here in November !!!! 💋💋💋' Traci captioned her post.

Someone said: 'After all, that's happened I don't know if I can watch...I want your relationships back on track with each other. It's getting really sad to watch.'

Another commenter posted this: 'Yesss!!! 🗣We are the Braxtons & you’ll see that we are not like an ordinary family !!! Can’t wait to tune in. I love y’all 💕.'

One follower wrote: 'So glad y’all made another season! Pray all is well with your family!!' and a commenter posted: 'Omg omg is this happening?!? Omg, I cannot wait. I love y’all so much 😍.'

A fan said that they are 'praying that Traci succeeds in all of her endeavors. I think she is so underrated I'm tired of Tamar & Tonight let's see the other girls. It's the same ole thing with them I wanna see her sisters and how their dealings with life on life's terms!'

Someone brought up Tamar and said: 'Tamar needs a break mentally and physically. I pray no one is stressing her out this season🤦‍♀️.'

Another commenter wrote: 'Amazing, thank you, Ladies, for sharing your lives with us! Bless your family. ❤️'

Someone else said: 'I liked Braxton Family Values. But why come back? All the stress and strain that this show, social media, gossip sites, and everything else that happens over the past few years.. why come back to this? Especially after everything Tamar just went through.. why do this.'

As you probably know by now,  Tamar Braxton ‘s life has drastically changed recently. She’s been through some pretty tough times, and she even tried to commit suicide.


Her romance with  David Adefeso came to an end, and it seems that her only rock was her son, Logan .

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