Tracee Ellis Ross Sets The Place On Fire With Vintage Bodysuit Photo -- But The 'Black-Ish' Star Is Overshadowed For This Juicy Reason

Tracee Ellis Ross Sets The Place On Fire With Vintage Bodysuit Photo -- But The 'Black-Ish' Star Is Overshadowed For This Juicy Reason
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Tracee Ellis Ross sure knows how to set the Internet on fire along with a lavish lemon tree. This week, the Black-ish star took to Instagram, and she posted a very revealing photo where she is showing off her impressive figure in cream-colored shoes and a matching silk bodysuit.

The photo of the Reed Between the Lines and Mixed-ish actress was further captivating because of a giant lemon tree that took over her patio.

Fans are thrilled to see Tracee dressing up while under lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. One person said: “Sometimes a gal needs a bit of glamour in her life. I mean, sheesh.”

This backer stated: "You are such a wonderful person Tracee. I know Kenya, and everyone else behind the scenes appreciates you, your spirit, and talent immeasurably! Literally watching a "black-ish" marathon RIGHT NOW! Funniest woman ever! Love & light! ❤️ 😍"

This commenter shared: "You are phenomenal women love to take you out on a date when this is all over 😘😘😘😘 You and your clavicles, and well-moisturized shoulders are right on time! 😉That BODY!!!!!! This vibe could catch those lemons on fire! 🔥🔥🔥"

This fan chimed in: "Hello, beautiful!! Can we talk about your glow! 😍😍😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨Yes, gorgeous lemon trees! make couture lemonade dahling... 🍋💛 I need all those lemons for tea every day."

In a recent interview, Tracee opened about her life growing up with a mother like Diana Ross: “I’ve always been taught that you work for the things you want. My mom always joked: ‘I’m not leaving you guys any of this money. I made this money for me! I’ll make sure there’s a roof over your head. You can have health insurance and food. But other than that…’ I mean, I had a job in high school. I worked as a salesperson at Ralph Lauren. My mom was like, ‘If you want to keep buying those clothes, you’re going to have to figure out how to pay for them.’ There was a commitment on her part to normalcy that I have taken into my adult life.”

She added: “My mom always put us in bed, and then she’d go to the recording studio while we were sleeping. She’d sit with us for dinner, and she never left for more than a week. I nicked them out of the closet at home, and Mom doesn’t know I have them. They remind me of my childhood.”

Tracee has appeared more confident in recent years.

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