Toya Wright's Recent Pic With Her Pals Sparks Booty-Implants Controversy

Toya Wright's Recent Pic With Her Pals Sparks Booty-Implants Controversy
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Toya Wright shared a few new photos with her pals, and she looks just gorgeous while flaunting highlighted hair and a really sexy outfit. One of her friends, on the other hand, triggered mixed reactions from Toya's followers.

People say that the woman has some awful booty implants or her pads just moved and looked unnaturally.

Here's Toya's post and you can see her lady friend in the fourth photo, so make sure to swipe left.

People started addressing the subject in the comments section. 'Beautiful! Love. Tell sis she doesn't need butt pads she is beautifullllllll,' a commenter wrote.

Someone said 'I was just gonna come see who noticed. Wish someone had told her or edited the pic before posting.'

And another person wrote this: 'Ummm, not til you pointed it out, had to go back and look. And sho damn do lmao 😂😂😂. Think I'd pass on butt pads.'

Another follower could not care less about this said 'Who's so much assorted beauty in that pic that I could really care less to be real.'

Someone else gushed over Toya's gorgeous figure: 'Toya I love you so much, I mean look at your body after two kids.'

One of Toya's supporters gushed over her and said 'Toya u look so beautiful and gorgeous and smart and a boss.'

Just recently, Toya was in the spotlight after the Los Angeles Rams beat the Saints in overtime and she reportedly  refused to pick up the phone because she was sad and heartbroken .

Toya is a die-hard fan of the New Orleans Saints, and she had a terrible Sunday.

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  • Sarah
    Sarah Jan 24, 2019 6:16 AM PST

    It's probably not butt pads but a panty with the holes cut out of the back to make the butt look lifted - she's probably wearing a poorly designed one that's a couple sizes too small so it's squeezing her in all the wrong places and creating bulges and lines. She was probably just hoping for a a little lift but it made her look like she had butt pads on.

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